Topper's Blog: Hurricane History, Chesapeake Hurricane, 1933

9:25 PM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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Hurricane History

On this date in 1933 the Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane moved east of Hatteras and then over Norfolk at 9:20 am and then moved up the west side of the Bay just west of Washington. The storm surge was eleven feet downtown. With the center of the hurricane passing just to our west we ended up with the worst possible conditions. Winds gusted between thirty five and fifty miles per hour in the Metro Area and to near hurricane strength at Norfolk. Norfolk recorded a wind gust of seventy miles per hour. Cape Henry recorded a wind gust of eighty two miles per hour. This hurricane, ironically passed one hundred fifty miles southwest of Bermuda not unlike Bill and then turned west northwest toward the eastern U.S. 


Tides of seven feet above average flooded businesses in Norfolk. Damage was estimated at seventeen million in Maryland alone. Forty seven died in the Norfolk area with damage estimated at forty seven million dollars. The storm produced eight to ten inches of rain from Norfolk tour northern suburbs. Isabel took a similar path in 2003 and broke some of the storm surge records set in 1933.

Also on this date in 1992 Hurricane Andrew created a peak storm surge of twenty three feet in the Bahamas en route to southern Florida.

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