Topper's Blog Arctic Express Cold Weather Tips Metro Area

10:56 PM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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The arctic air is here and will hang around until Sunday. This is the coldest air in two years, the last time we had a highs in the twenties ! If you have had problems in the past when arctic air moves in there are some things you can do to keep your pipes from freezing. Pipes usually begin to have problems when the temperature remains below freezing for over seventy two hours. I think with this arctic outbreak we'll see temperatures below freezing for as much as one hundred twenty hours. We could stay below freezing from midnight tonight (midnight Tuesday) until Sunday afternoon. This type of arctic outbreak can cause some problems in the home. Temperatures will climb above freezing on Sunday. Here are some easy things you can do around house:


-         Leave the water running, just a trickle is all you need

-         Leave the cabinet doors open under your sinks, this allows ambient heat to get to the pipes

-         Close your chimney flews

-         Drain your hose bibs, then leave faucet on (You should have done this already.)

-         Stop drafts (use towels or draft dodgers) (Add weather stripping around doors and windows.)

-         Close curtains, but take advantage of sun

-         Keep space heaters away from clothes and curtains

-         Turn space heaters OFF when you go to bed

-      Don't forget the pets

-      Fire up the humidifiers or put a pan of water in family room and bedroom to increase the humidity. Our indoor relative humidity will be running between four and ten percent.


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