Topper's Blog: August Almanac

9:45 PM, Aug 1, 2013   |    comments
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August Almanac

The good news about August is that we have now passed the statistically hottest time of the year. Average highs and lows actually begin to drop after August 3rd. The average high and low at National on the first is 89 and 72, but by the 3rd it drops to 88 and 72. By the end of the month the averages drop to 84 and 67. Of course, that said 18 of 31 record highs is 100 degrees or higher, including a record of 100 degrees on the last day of the month. We average ten 90 degree days this month. We have had only fifteen days 90 degrees or higher since June the first. Average for June and July is twenty one days.

Average rainfall is well over three inches at National and Dulles but that can be deceiving because we are still primarily dealing with showers and T-storms which affect small geographical areas.

The full Sturgeon Moon, named because it's the best time for fishing for this large fish, will occur on Tuesday the 20th.  Venus is visible all moth in the evening sky about a half an hour after sunset, low in the western horizon. Jupiter is for the early birds and rises around 4:00 AM followed twenty minutes later by Mars. Tomorrow, forty minutes before sunrise Jupiter, Mars and Mercury stand in a row. The Perseid Meteor shower will not be competing with the full moon but rather only a first quarter moon, and should peak between the 11th and 12th.  It's best to have a new moon during this show but a first quarter is not bad and the moon will set before midnight. Remember to get away from lights when star gazing.


August is statistically the second busy month for the tropics, only behind September. Twenty nine percent of all hurricanes develop in August, compared to thirty six percent in September.

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