Topper's Blog: Boating Safety, WeatherCall

9:18 PM, Jul 2, 2013   |    comments
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Boating Safety

This is a big boating weekend. I once spoke at a boating safety seminar and probably should mention of few things here. There is a chance of an isolated storm throughout the entire holiday weekend. Boaters should always be aware of the general potential for thunderstorms for the day and then monitor the day for severe thunderstorm watches and warnings. You can stay informed by visiting our web site at or signing up for our weather app on the Iphone or Ipad. (just search WUSA, dc weather or dc radar) We even have a new severe weather notification service.

You can now go to our website and get WeatherCall. Yes, there is a nominal annual fee but it's worth it. For you boaters I would recommend WeatherCall to go with lightning detection. You will receive a call from me only when you current location is in the path of the storm. You can choose the warnings you wish to receive and choose an all clear call if you want to as well.

The Bay, as you boaters know, can turn from a docile body of water to a raging body of water with substantial waves. You must always have a course of action if the weather turns rough no matter where you may be in your trip. The same is true is you are planning an ocean boating trip. There have been plenty of case studies on thunderstorms that turn the Bay or ocean into a navigable nightmare. Once you know the forecast and have planned for the weather you also need to remember the following:

-          Everyone wears a life jacket, no exceptions

-          No drinking and piloting the boat

-          Obey signs and other markings i.e. speed limits, no wake zones

-          Watch for other boaters, jet skiers, swimmers and skiers etc

-          Always boat with a buddy, never go out alone

-          If you are towing your boat this weekend make sure the lights are working on your trailer

-          Check your fire extinguisher(s)

-          Pack lots of sunscreen and drinking water

-          Use common sense


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