Topper's Blog: July Almanac

6:26 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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 July Almanac

June ended up as the fourth wettest June on record with just under ten inches of rain. We are entering July right where we left off with more humidity and more storms. Our average high on July first is eighty seven with an average low of seventy. The range does not change much by the end of the month. The average high at National on the thirty first is eighty nine with a low of seventy two. The average high begins to go down in early August. The high of eighty nine with a low of seventy two are the highest averages all summer. This high average range statistically runs from mid July through early August. Over the course of this month we average thirteen days with highs ninety degrees or higher. The record for the most days in the nineties is twenty four set in 1993. The hottest day on record in July is 106 set on July twentieth 1930.  We have never recorded a temperature in the forties, Downtown or at National in the month of July.  We average nearly four inches of rain for the month but that can be a bit deceiving. We are talking about showers and thunderstorms here. Even though, that is a high monthly average rainfall our yards turn brown and go dormant in July. We are entering July over three inches above the annual rainfall average. On average July only yields six percent of the season's tropical storms and hurricanes. Twenty nine percent on average develop in August with thirty six percent in September.


The new moon occurs on the eight. The full Buck Moon, the time of year when new antlers of the buck deer push out occurs on Saturday the 27th.  On July fifth the earth reaches it farthest point from the sun, the aphelion.  

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