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10:13 PM, Apr 9, 2013   |    comments
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Sunscreen Time

Every spring when it is sunny and pleasantly warm or mild we don't stop to think that we could get burned. The truth is you can get burned now even though you won't feel it because it so comfortable because the humidity is still low and highs aren't that hot. Today and Thursday will be our last days in the eighties for a while. On spring days we often forget to protect our skin. This week is a perfect example with highs warm enough for shorts but not hot or humid enough for us to become uncomfortable. Unlike the middle of summer when we feel hot and think to slather on sun screen, this time of year is different. We need to remember that mid April sun is the equivalent to mid August sun. Mid April is roughly the same amount of days after the Vernal Equinox as mid August is before the Autumnal Equinox. Another way of looking at it is mid April sun in roughly the same number of days before the summer solstice as mid August is since the summer solstice. In other words the angle of the sun is the same and it's all about the angle of the sun not how warm or hot it is outside. Yes, when the summer solstice occurs, the angle of the sun is the highest and most intense but mid April sun is not to be taken lightly. Fair skinned people can get burned in just eighteen minutes in full sun. Please start thinking about getting your kids to start using sunscreen before those soccer, lacrosse and softball games. You golfers also need to remember to apply the sunscreen and bring it with you and re-apply on the back nine. Dulles will set a record today and everyone will remain in the mid to upper eighties through Thursday so don't forget to put some sunscreen on.


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