Topper's Blog: Monarch Butterfly And Migration

11:23 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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I think of butterflies as weak, poor flying insects but did you know that they migrate 3000 miles every year? 

They winter in central Mexico in only about a dozen mountain tops. Millions and millions of monarchs cover these few areas in Mexico and attract ornithologists and tourists alike. New generations of monarchs return to the same location every year.

This year's northward migration has begun. Monarchs have been sighted in Texas already. The monarchs will get about halfway through the migration route and then lay its eggs on milkweed plants. The new generation will continue the migration to the north. We should begin to see them in early April. There are reports this year of a thirty percent decline in the number of monarchs that wintered in Mexico. Pesticides are believed to be the reason.

On this date way back in 1867, the Eastern Shore was digging out from a monster snow storm. On the twentieth and twenty first of March in 1867 a severe snowstorm hit our Eastern Shore. A big snow in the dead of winter would be a big deal for that area, let alone late in March. What a way for spring to greet the DelMarVa. Snow began around six PM on the twentieth and continued until ten AM on the twenty first. In Georgetown, Delaware, you know the town you pass through every year on the way to the beach recorded an unbelievable thirty two inches in just sixteen hours. Milford measured twenty seven inches with drifts of fifteen feet.

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