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7:25 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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I received a call from a viewer in Frederick, Maryland telling me that he spotted no less than thirty robins in my backyard this past Tuesday. We have talked about robin sightings before in previous blogs. First of all, many robins winter in the Metro Area. When winter arrives they hunker down in thickets for cover eating berries and when we get thaws they show up on our lawns. I have seen many robins in my yard in winter only to have arctic air return, more snowstorms and no signs of spring. This time however, I think it might be different. Here's why.

We are late into the winter. Meteorological winter ends next Thursday, you couple that with my access to long range computer models and I am afraid for you snow lovers that this time the robins are a sign of spring. Will it get cold again ? Yes. In fact the first week or so of March looks cold with some snow showers. Should we plant our gardens earlier ? No. A late frost has no connection on when 'winter' ended. We can at least take some solace that winter is on his last legs. When I see my first frog or peeper then winter's done.

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