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The Bozeman Starting Five

11:19 PM, Mar 8, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)- Relating to women isn't just Mike Bozeman's job, it's his life, considering the George Washington women's basketball coach has his own starting five at home.

"Who has five daughters, right? Mike Bozeman has five daughters," Mike jokes.

He has daughters: Nikki, 23, Dominique, 19, Mikell, 14, Taylor, 12, and Sydnee, 7.  

Whether it's Taylor singing the anthem at his games, or Dominique, who acts as team manager, the family is always their voicing support.

"We do show up in a bunch. We are considered the Bozeman crew," says his wife Wendy. "It's 'Oh here comes those Bozemans,' everyone knows we're there."

"The referee has to make the right call or Nikki is the first one shouting; Sydnee is screaming and she doesn't know why. Wendy is over there with her hands crossed praying to get the girls to do the best they can," Mike explains.

"We want GW to be the best because our dad's name is on it," says Dominique. "We might as well be in uniforms on the team."

Male bonding time is non-existent in the Bozeman house. As Wendy points out, her husband loved watching "Sex and the City," but Mike disagrees.

"Wow, you're really ripping me right now!" Mike says to his wife. "I did not like that movie!"

As tough as college basketball coaches can be, Mike has a sensitive side. He pens poems to all his daughters and is working on a book appropriate titled, "When the Son Didn't Come Out."

"It's really about all the things I learned from the women in my life, and it starts each chapter with a poem I've written, one for each daughter and my wife," Mike explains.

As for someday having a son, that dream is over.

"We closed up shop. He will not be getting that son unless it's a grandson," Wendy Bozeman laughs.

While they lack in testosterone, there's no shortage of laughter or love.

"You can talk about how much money you earn, and how much things cost, but that's sort of priceless to me," Bozeman says.

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