Brett Haber Offers Dan Snyder 30 Minutes To Discuss Lawsuit On WUSA 9

11:46 PM, Feb 4, 2011   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The following was reported by 9NEWS NOW Sports Director Brett Haber on Friday night:

As if the First Amendment trampling, the financial bullying and the reckless anti-Semitism claims weren't enough to make Dan Snyder's lawsuit against the City Paper repugnant, now Snyder is invoking the good works of his wife as a public relations shield.

One of Snyder's main grievances against the City Paper, which he repeated multiple times today, was that they made fun of his wife and her efforts to promote breast cancer awarenes. Well, of course people are going to be sympathetic to a guy's wife being raked across the coals, and I would never suggest that Snyder's wife's efforts on behalf of breast cancer awareness are anything other than altrusistic... except according to ours and the Washington Post's research, it never happened. Unlike some people, we read the article -- it never makes fun of Tanya Snyder in any way.

Here's Dan Snyder on the radio today:

"When someone calls you a criminal and flat out lies, and makes fun of your wife who is battling breast cancer, you're just dealing with someone that, uh, has crossed the line. I wished and I waited and I hoped that they would do a correction and apologize...enough is enough. "

Again, no evidence that anyone made fun of his wife.

If you agree that the lawsuit needs to be dropped, leave a comment on our website,, or our Facebook page, and in the comment section write the words "Drop it, Dan." We'll compile your comments into a First Amendment petition and deliver them to Snyder personally.

And I'll go one further. My commentary last night was two minutes long. In the spirit of equal-time, or beyond-equal time, WUSA will offer Dan Snyder a full newscast -- 30 minutes of airtime -- to debate the substance of his lawsuit on its merits, no conditions attached.

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