NBA Mock Draft: Wizards Select Harrison Barnes

2:33 PM, Jun 28, 2012   |    comments
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NEW YORK, Ny. (WUSA) -- I've spoken with two different agents at the Westin Hotel in Times Sqaure, for about a half hour. Take this information for what it's worth.


1) New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Davis (Power Forward, Kentucky)

Quick Thought: In five-seven years, Davis may be the best player in the NBA.

NBA Comparison: A mix of Bill Russell/Kevin Garnett

2) Charlotte Bobcats - Bradley Beal (Shooting Guard, Florida)

Quick Thought: Two things will happen. Either the Bobcats will come to their senses and realize that five teams are trying to trade up with them because Beal is really that good, or the Bobcats will draft his rights and trade him later in the night. A source told me Cleveland is still the most likely trade partner -- where Beal and Kyrie Irving could form the best backcourt duo in the NBA for years.

NBA Comparison:  Brandon Roy

3) Washington Wizards - Harrison Barnes (Small Forward, North Carolina)

Quick Thought: The Wizards can only blame themselves for showing their hand entirely too early, making the intrigue for Beal more enticing for other teams. Barnes will be a project at shooting guard -- I imagine similar struggles to John Wall -- but overall should turn out to be a solid pro.

NBA Comparison: Josh Howard

4) Cleveland Cavaliers - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Small Forward, Kentucky)

Quick Thought: I'm probably one of the few people who really isn't drooling about MKG. He's never been heavily relied upon at any level. And of course there's this stat from ESPN: Of the 1,296 players with 50+ catch-and-shoot jumpers this college season, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist ranked 1,242nd in points per play.

NBA Comparison: Darius Miles

5) Sacramento Kings - Andre Drummond (Power Forward/Center, Connecticut)

Quick Thought: If Thomas Robinson is still on the board here, you can guarantee the Kings trade out of this pick. Robinson has the same exact skill set as DeMarcus Cousins. If not, Drummond makes sense for a team years away from contention.

NBA Comparison: Kwame Brown

6) Portland Trailblazers - Damian Lillard (Point Guard, Weber State)

Quick Thought: Nolan Smith is the only point guard under contract next season for the Blazers. While Lillard is relatively unknown, he fits the Blazers typical athletic model for who they want handling the basketball. Personally though, I'm not a fan.

NBA Comparison: Quincy Douby

7) Golden State Warriors - Thomas Robinson (Power Forward, Kansas)

Quick Thought: There is is less than a 10 percent chance of this happening. Somebody is bound to trade up for Robinson, who most experts agree is the surest thing in the draft outside of the unibrow. Mark Jackson will be screaming praises of joy if Robinson somehow does happen to surprisingly free-fall in the draft.

NBA Comparison: A lesser version of Elton Brand.

8) Toronto Raptors - Austin Rivers (Guard, Duke)

Quick Thought: Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo can really do anything with this pick -- besides center, where Toronto has Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas potentially joining the team next season. Disclaimer: I'm higher on Rivers than most. 

NBA Comparison: Ben Gordon

9) Detroit Pistons - Perry Jones III (Forward, Baylor)

Quick Thought: To me, the trading of Ben Gordon (arguably Detroit's best player) means the Pistons are seemingly tanking for the next three seasons. They can obtain lottery talent and then unload the contracts of Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince and Charlie Villanueva -- all players no longer suited to build a franchise around -- when their deals expire in the summer of 2014. Yikes. Might as well take a flier on Jones.

NBA Comparison: Jordan Hill

10) New Orleans Hornets - Kendall Marshall (Point Guard, North Carolina)

Quick Thought: We will look back at this pick in several years and call it the steal of the draft. Who better to pair Anthony Davis with than the best passing prospect in several years.

NBA Comparison: 70 percent Andre Miller, 30 percent Rajon Rondo.

11) Portland Trailblazers - Dion Waiters (Shooting Guard, Syracuse)

Quick Thought: He's the best player available and he fits a need. Jamal Crawford is a free agent.

12) Houston Rockets - Tyler Zeller (Center, North Carolina)

Quick Thought: Zeller has great character and becomes Marcus Camby's protege.

13) Phoenix Suns - Jeremy Lamb (Shooting Guard, Connecticut)

Quick Thought: Lamb's arrival moves Vince Carter the bench -- permanently.

14) Milwaukee Bucks - John Henson (Power Forward, North Carolina)

Quick Thought: Look at the Bucks roster. They are surprisingly decent everywhere. Henson's the best player available and will add post defense.

15) Philadelphia 76ers - Terrence Jones (Power Forward, Kentucky)

Quick Thought: Doug Collins can groom Jones behind Elton Brand for a season before teaming him up with Thaddeus Young in an ultra athletic lineup.

16) Houston Rockets - Terrence Ross (Guard/Forward, Washington)

Quick Thought: Obviously, the Rockets will be leveraging for trades all night. Whomever they pick has a distinct probability of changing teams.

17) Dallas Mavericks - Meyers Leonard (Center, Illinois)

Quick Thought: The Mav's weren't the same team last year with the loss of Tyson Chandler. And with Dwight Howard in a Dallas uniform looking less likely each day, Leonard's a start on bolstering front line.

18) Houston Rockets - Moe Harkless (Guard/Forward, St. Johns)

Quick Thought: Gotta' be honest: I couldn't pick out Harkless in a jail lineup.

19) Orlando Magic - Jared Sullinger (Power Forward, Ohio State)

Quick Thought: Almost ten years ago, Orlando snatched up a guy who fell on everyone's draft board. His name? Jameer Nelson.

20) Denver Nuggets - John Jenkins (Shooting Guard, Vanderbilt)

Quick Thought: The first "major" reach of the draft will turn out to be a winning pick. Jenkins three-point shot will help space out Denver's offense even more.

The rest

21) Boston Celtics - Royce White (Power Forward, Iowa State)

22) Boston Celtics - Kim English (Shooting Guard, Missouri)

23) Atlanta Hawks - Draymond Green (Forward, Michigan State)

24) Cleveland Cavaliers - Fab Melo (Center, Syracuse)

26) Indiana Pacers - Tony Wroten (Guard, Washington)

27) Miami Heat - Andrew Nicholson (Power Forward, St. Bonaventure)

28) Oklahoma City Thunder - Darius Miller (Guard/Forward, Kentucky)

29) Chicago Bulls - Tyshawn Taylor (Guard, Kansas)

30) Golden State Warriors - Miles Plumlee (Center, Duke)

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