The Wizards Will Regret Not Hiring Sam Cassell

11:51 AM, May 6, 2012   |    comments
The Wizards should've let Cassell be the interim head coach after Flip Saunders' dismissal. Credit: Brad Mills-US PRESSWIRE
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- If you are a Wizards fan and are not following Bullets Forever, please go ahead and jump on now. A slew of qualified basketball experts provide never ending observations regarding the lowly, yet fascinating Washington Wizards.

Per their links page this morning, Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell and John Wall attended the Grizzlies-Clippers game three matchup together in Los Angeles.

Why? As reported by Yahoo's Marc Spears, Cassell wanted Wall to see Paul perform on his grandest stage.

"Chris just understands situations," said former Clippers guard Sam Cassell. "He understands time. He understands score. He has had a knack since college of making the right play. That's Chris Paul. People ask me to define Chris Paul. He makes the right play. He makes average guys good."

So how does all this relate to the Wizards possibly hiring Randy Wittman?

I think the lack of movement so far from owner Ted Leonsis  -- and the disputed decison on retaining Ernie Grunfeld -- makes it pretty abundant that the man in charge is perfectly content with the current situation.

And the Wizards will absolutely improve next year with Wittman calling the shots. Depending on which free agent scorer the team can lure, Washington may even find itself playing meaningful April basketball in 2013.

Here's my gripe with hiring Randy Wittman: John Wall will continue to improve and another NBA team is going to snatch up Sam Cassell. The rumors I've heard from around the building are that Cassell and Wall will be inseparable this summer.

I'll argue last year's lockout hurt John Wall more than any player in the league. The 21-year-old wasn't mature enough to recognize that even no. 1 overall draft picks have to refine their games during the off-season.

You are going to hate me for saying this but if the Wizards somehow make the playoffs next season, it could be a nightmare in disguise. Like most middle-tier NBA coaches, over time the Wizards will eventually tune out the nagging Wittman. Cassell's dedication, youth and fiery personality are a match made in heaven for a young defensive team, hmm, kind of like Washington. I can picture a less political atmosphere in the locker room under Cassell. He's like the cool older brother, but he can randomly snap on you, which will keep the players on their toes.

We know who Randy Wittman is. For the most part, the media, the fans and the owner seem to genuinely enjoy his presence. But the upside of the 42-year-old Sam Cassell, esepcially now that his hands are directly tied to John Wall's improvement, will probably have just as much to do with Washington's success if Wittman is brought back.

As painful as it is to see JaVale McGee and Nick Young each have critical successes in their team's playoff run, imagine what it will be like seeing Sam Cassell barking out orders in a Western Conference Finals?

I can already feel the agony.

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