The Nats Are Giving Away Big Prizes For Your All-Star Vote

3:59 PM, Jun 7, 2012   |    comments
Photo via Simon Landau (@LandauDC)
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Want to vote your favorite Washington Nationals player into the 2012 MLB All-Star game?

If you proceed to do so online, Major League Baseball will only let you submit 25 ballots per email address.

If you choose to vote at Nationals Park, some major perks could come your way.

Per the picture posted above, the Nationals are incentivizing votes for their players.

*10 ballots = A chance to win an autographed item

*100 ballots = Bobblehead doll

*500 ballots = Nationals Prize Pack

*1,000 ballots = An autographed item

*5,000 ballots = An on-field viewing of Batting Practice

*10,000 ballots = Holding the Finish Line for a Future GEICO Presidents Race.

So, say it takes you 30 seconds to fill out a ballot. That would mean 500 ballots is equal to about 4 hours; 1,000 is equal to 8 hours; 5,000 is equal to 40 hours and 10,000 is equal to 80 hours, or better known as three and a half days. Talk about some Natitude in action.

According to this MLB article, 20 million ballots were distributed evenly throughout the 30 different ball parks. That comes out to potential 666,667 ballots.

Campaigns for certain individual players are not out of the ordinary, like this one last year for Michael Morse. After some research though, I couldn't find anything on certain teams concocting incentives like the Nats.

Do you consider this ballot stuffing by the Nationals? Is this a big issue?

UPDATE: I was able to reach out to a Nationals spokeswoman, who stated that they are doing everything within the Major League Baseball rules.

(H/T @LandauDC)

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