A Source Confirms The University of Maryland is Altering The Color Of The Football Field

10:41 AM, Jun 1, 2012   |    comments
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COLLEGE PARK (WUSA) -- By now, most Maryland Terrapin football fans have heard the rumors that the field at Byrd Stadium was going to drastically change. Ever since, I was being told that the reason the field was currently being dug up was to apply new turf to the stadium. I have confirmed that is true, but also have discovered the field is getting a new look.

A source within the program told me that the turf being applied to the field will be either black or pewter. 

A picture of a potential black field has been circulating around the web and has members of the student body excited, even though I think it would look terrible in real life. 

The color pewter, however, threw me off. Pewter is not a school color, which leads me to believe that black will eventually be the color of the field. The school colors are a red, black, and gold, but pewter (the shade of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer helmets) is a closer shade of gold than the current yellow being used by the school. 

Athletic Director Kevin Anderson has been to reinventing the program since getting the job a season ago, and it seems altering the the school colors could potentially be next after axing the former coaching regime and eliminating the old uniforms. 

What the source could not tell me is why. The new uniforms didn't exactly set the tone for last season, so what impact will a color schemed field provided for the team? Get the players hype? Take the attention off the play of the team? Perhaps a recruiting ploy? 

I don't know, but if you like the thought of it, congrats to you, my friend. Maryland's PR moves are clearly working on you. 

UPDATE 6/1/12 11:26AM: 

The athletic department's media relations has contacted me, let me know at this time no final decision has been made on the color of the field. I asked if they were considering on changing the color at all and was told the following:

"Don't know the final details on color yet... No final decision has been made...
Yes, the surface will be synthetic, rather than grass... Will be finished in time for the home opener on 9/1."

It seems as though a color change is being considered and we will know what the final decision is in the upcoming months.


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