Former DC Police Chief About Muhammad: 'I'd Push The Button'

11:05 AM, Nov 10, 2009   |    comments
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(CNN) -- John Allen Muhammad is scheduled to die Tuesday night.

He and his teenage accomplice went on a shooting spree in 2002, killing 10 people in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

On CNN's American Morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey was DC Police Chief during the shooting spree.

Ramsey says the punishment fits the crime.

"It's bringing something to closure. I think the punishment is appropriate. I think that, you know, Mr. Muhammad certainly the kind of crimes that he committed and the fear that he instilled upon everybody who is associated with that that lived in the region and across the country, for that matter. Certainly, I'm glad that we were able to apprehend, but he deserves to die

Ramsey also said, "I think if anybody should receive the death penalty, it's John Allen Muhammad. I feel no regrets about that, whatsoever. In fact, if I was there, I'd push the button."

He says that communication between agencies was important during the sniper ordeal: "But there are always lessons learned and one thing was the way in which this group came together as a task force. Local, state and federal. I looked back on it. It was very, very important that we form that task force as early as we
did. I think that sort of activity can be replicated else where and probably already has been in other cases. That was a lesson, the importance of communication between the various agencies."

Muhammad will be put to death by lethal injection.


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