Cold weather clothing options increase as temperatures decrease

11:07 PM, Jan 3, 2014   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- With low temperatures potentially reaching the single digits next week, staying warm could be a challenge.

But today, your options for cold weather clothing are plentiful, more functional and warmer than ever.

"It's just lightweight, has stretch, gives you a lot of movement," said Dave Haggerty, Vice President of Casual Adventure in Arlington. He's holding what looks like a windbreaker jacket, but what is in fact a practical, heat-trapping winter coat.

"Some are wind and waterproof and trap a lot of body heat for being such a thin material," said George Owens, Manager at Ranger Surplus in Bethesda, describing his new selection of jackets. "They're really warm actually."
Haggerty displayed the newest in winter weather gear innovation: an omni-heat reflective coat. The technology is in tiny, reflective dots that line the interior of the jacket.

"They reflect your body heat and regulates your body temperature and it also wicks away the moisture from your body so you don't get too clammy," said Haggerty.

Omni-heat also comes in gloves, headbands and boots.

Then, you can slide some heat emitting insoles into those boots. 

Also, as Owens stressed, you never want to underestimate the importance of a good pair of socks.

"You definitely want to go with wool. You want to stay away from cottons in cold weather because once your sweat gets in them, your body heat just goes right through the sweaty cotton," he said. 

Above the shoulders, alternatives to scarves and turtle necks have arrived.

"Neck warmers are really good," said Owens, while holding what looked like a long, baggy headband for your neck. "You can put them just around your neck or pull them just over your ears and then put your hat on but they don't take as much room as a regular scarf."

There's also micro-fleece, which is thin but warm, faux-fur hats and balaclavas, ski masks good for windy days.

Which ones to choose? Haggerty and Owens both say it depends on the conditions in which you plan on wearing the items and a matter of preference. 

To see which you like best, you'll have to try them on for size.




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