It's 2014, time for a healthy detox!

12:36 PM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) -- Are you ready for a kickstart? From Halloween to New Years Eve, Americans consume more food than any other time of year. So now is a great time to start a cleanse for the month of January.

Registered Dietitian Danielle Omar of Danielle Omar Nutrition says it's time to give up the highly processed foods.

Omar says, "now is a great time to kind of pull back on that and reduce the sugar, reduce the alcohol reduce some of the toxic foods that they have been indulging in."

So complement that by trying foods that will decrease inflammation and help eliminate the toxins in your body.

A good starter for your cleanse, try 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar with water everyday with a touch of sweetener. Like real maple syrup, honey, or a natural liquid stevia sweetner.

Omar says, "So it's a great sort of daily practice that you can use to sort of live that detox lifestyle. This helps you feel fuller and it helps with your digestion."

You can do the same with lemons.

"So you can just do a half of lemon in water and usually people use warm water for that and it's kinda the same thing, helping the liver sort of aiding the liver's natural detox process," says Omar.

Next, time to grab the Epsom salt. Put 2 cups of this in your bath water and to help relax your joints.

"It helps to absorb magnesium, and it feels really good and it's very relaxing," adds Omar. 

Pull out that juicer to maximize your detox. Add a green juice once a day.

You can put pretty much any kind of fruit and veggie inside, but Danielle recommends adding some ginger to add a kick of flavor.

Omar says, "Because of the way the juicing is extracted, it's much easier to digest, it's digested really quickly into your bloodstream so it's kinda like your energy drink. "

Danielle recommends a 21 day detox. She says it normally takes that long to really start to feel a difference in the body.

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