Caught on cam: Roaches at sushi house and secret food storage on back porch

11:19 PM, Nov 29, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Taipei Tokyo Cafe Closure 11 5 2013

Washington, DC (WUSA9) - Where's the last place you'd expect a restaurant to store its food?  And, caught on camera, roaches on the wall of a popular Montgomery County sushi spot.

Updated: To see a photo gallery with hundreds of Washington area restaurant closures since 2012 click here.

Inspectors temporarily closed: Taipei Tokyo Café 11510A Rockville Pike, Rockville, Md.; Nectar Lounge, 7926 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Md.; La Baguette de Paris, 4301 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, Md., Kitchen Near You, 5321 Ager Road, Hyattsville, Md.; and Joe's Restaurant, 3185 Queens Chapel Road, Mount Rainier, Md.

Roaches at Rockville sushi spot

Inspectors temporarily closed Taipei Tokyo Café in Rockville citing a severe roach infestation with live roaches on prep tables, and a live roach on the slicer used for meats and vegetables. 

Workers would not let WUSA9 look inside their kitchen, but while we were asking permission, customers started pointing out bugs on the walls and floor.

WUSA9 observed roaches on the wall and floor of the sushi house.

In a statement Taipei Café said it was related to the heavy week of rain, a pest control company handled the situation immediately, and there is absolutely no issue in the restaurant now."

La Baguette de Paris

In Silver Spring on Randolph Road, inspectors temporarily closed La Baguette de Paris citing an infestation of roaches and contaminated foods with live and dead roaches observed inside open boxes of food.
Workers wouldn't call the boss or allow WUSA9 to see the kitchen.

Nectar Lounge

On Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Inspectors cited 39 violations at Nectar Lounge and African Grill.

WUSA9 spoke to a man on the phone who said, "We fixed the problem and we're open." Then added, "I don't have time to talk to you."

Inspectors reported Nectar's bar and kitchen as infested with roaches, moldy bread, cooked beef stored at room temperature for greater than 48 hours, mouse droppings on top of foods and a sewage backup.

Kitchen Near You

On Ager Road in Hyattsville, inspectors closed Kitchen Near You African restaurant. When WUSA9 asked to see the kitchen, a worker ran in back, making us wait several minutes while they prepared.

At Kitchen Near You, inspectors cited dead roaches in the basement, flies and food stored outside and rained on.

When we were there, WUSA9 saw a blocked hand sink in the kitchen and one dead roach in the basement, a sign the owner says means treatment is working.

Workers had their hands full when they finally allowed us out their back door.

WUSA9 found a box of vegetables stored on porch shelves and on the porch floor. The worker said they just came back from the market.

Joe's Carryout

At Joe's Carryout in Mount Rainier inspectors cited 37 violations including mouse droppings, small flies in the basement and employees preparing food without first washing their hands.

Workers allowed us to take a look in the restaurant.  We observed a pot in the hand sink.  Health officials say a blocked sink makes workers less likely to wash their hands.  Joe's Carryout did have towels and soap.  Inspectors cited a blocked hand sink as a violation in their report too.

In the basement, we looked, but we didn't see the flies or mouse droppings reported by inspectors.  However we did see some other types of bugs.

All the restaurants in this week's Restaurant Alert have passed reinspection and are back in business.


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