Arctic Blast Makes Residents Ask, Bitter Cold or Just Winter As Usual in Washington, D.C.

11:36 PM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - By now, you know it's cold. Thisstory could be chock full of tips, like let your car warm up, put on layers, and of course, turn that water off outside your house, but, don't you know that by now?

Instead we're going to focus on perspective. Some people call this weather bone-chilling, others call it just right for winter. First, we went to where most people would agree it's cold, the Washington Harbour Ice Rink.

There we met young skaters Marta and Ala. They agreed it was cold, but didn't seem to care. Then, we met, Tori Dunba of Arlington who told us in no uncertain terms, "It's freezing cold outside, yes it is."

Despite the chill, Dunbar didn't need any tips on keeping warm from me. "Layers, lot of layers, I have my scarf, my gloves, these are iphone gloves actually, I have a tank top, I have on a sweater, a long-sleeve sweater and another sweater and I have leggings underneath my pants and long thermal socks on and then my work pants, yep."

Our next stop was Dupont Circle where a sign on a bank clock read 20 degrees one minute, and 19 the next. Belinda Jensen is a meteorologist for our Gannett station in Minneapolis. She reports on bitter cold more often than most. We asked her for her take, " Well, it does sound cold for Washington, D.C. but you know cold air has to come from somewhere and it's coming from right here in Minnesota, we did go above zero for the first time in nearly 40 hours here."

Nothing like a forecast from Minnesota to put things in perspective.

Just steps away from that temperature sign, Epic Yoga in Dupont Circle is seeing more and more people stretching and posing in 85-plus degree heat. Emma Saal owns the Yoga Studio on Connecticut Avenue, "People that might normally take a regular yoga class are more interested in taking the hot yoga class, that extra few degrees can really warm the soul."

Until of course, you're back out on the street, trying to get from place to place, and that's brings us back to Dunbar who's waiting for a shuttle to go back home after a log day at work. "It is officially winter, yes, yes, and I hope that spring comes a little bit early this year!"

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