Why Hasn't Redskins' Kyle Shanahan Garnered Interviews For Coaching Jobs From Other NFL Teams?

1:23 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
Kyle Shanahan to remain with the Redskins -- for now.
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Maybe it's just me, but I was expecting Kyle Shanahan's phone to be ringing off the hook once the Redskins were bounced from the playoffs, now 11 days ago.

After all, Shanahan, 33, was the mastermind behind the Redskins pistol offense, which shattered team records and gave opposing defenses nightmares. Seattle and San Francisco added wrinkles of "Kyle Style" to their offensive attacks. The 49ers may even advance to the Super Bowl because of the change.

Plus Kyle, as well as his father Mike, were not shy about admitting he would love to one day become a head coach.

Why wouldn't a team like Arizona, Jacksonville or even Philadelphia bother to interview the potential prodigy? I'm not saying they should absolutely hire him, but the work he did in 2012 with rookies and a sub-par receiving group was nothing short of sensational.

So I got curious and picked up the phone, calling a handful of agents and personnel men around the NFL.

One plugged-in agent I spoke to, who represents a big-time player in the AFC South and has represented coaches in the past, had an interesting take.

"The Redskins generally somehow let information leak, but there's a strong feeling around the league that the paperwork is already drawn for Kyle to become the next Redskins coach," said the longtime agent, who thinks teams would be wasting their time interviewing the Redskins offensive coordinator. "Mike is a protective guy. He wants the best for his son. And he thinks the best for Kyle is in Washington with Robert Griffin III."

But what if Kyle keeps excelling, and the Redskins keep winning, and Dan Snyder extends Mike Shanahan's contract?

"That becomes a dangerous slope, because you know Kyle will be getting the itch to be the man in charge -- and get away from his father's shadow," said the agent. "If that scenario plays out, I'd bet the extension is a two or three-year [deal], and not five-years for Mike."

One NFC personnel guy only gave me a short amount of his time, but had this interesting nugget:

"A lot of NFL front offices are scared of the option offense, in the sense that, 'Hey, what if defenses figure it out in 2013?' Would [Kyle] be as good with a non-superstar quarterback, too?"

Kyle Shanahan has a unique situation which is contributing to his quiet off-season. His control-freak dad is his boss. He innovated an offense, which as successful as it's been, it's not scientifically proven yet. And if he sticks around long enough in D.C., he will be able to have RGIII in the prime of his career.

But if he's able to duplicate these offensive results next season, especially if a portion of it is with Kirk Cousins, some NFL front office with deep pockets is going to try and lure him away.

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