Denis Garrelts of Burke, Va., helps save neighbors Michael and Sheila Cherubin From Burning Home

3:58 PM, Nov 23, 2012   |    comments
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BURKE, Va. (WUSA/AP) - Fairfax County fire officials are crediting a neighbor with saving a Burke family whose home was destroyed by fire. The cause of the fire, which brought more than $100,00 worth of damage, is still under investigation.

The fire broke out Wednesday night in the 9900 block of Manet Road in Burke with flames shooting from windows and shattering glass. Denis Garrelts' daughter then alerted him that their neighbor's home was on fire.

Garrelts went to the house to look for his neighbors, Michael and Sheila Cherubin. When Michael Cherubin had arrived home, he followed his foster son Joseph into the house, searching for their pets.

Garrelts says he couldn't go inside the smoke-filled house. He started yelling for Michael Cherubin who came out gasping. Garrelts kept his neighbor out of the house, and fire officials credit Garrelts with pulling Joseph out of the burning home.

One person was transported to the Washington Burn Center for non-life threatening injuries.

The family has been displaced.

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