Metro Bus Drivers in Washington, D.C,, area, Accumulate More Than 1100 Moving Violation Tickets Over 32-Month Period

6:40 PM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Over the course of a typical weekday, there are more than 1200 Metro buses on the streets.

According to Metro's own data, between January 2010 and August of this year, the men and women driving those 1200 daily buses were responsible for just about 1200 moving violations, specifically speeding and running red lights. The total amount of the violations? About $120,000.

Metro Communications Director Dan Stessel said that while the number of moving violations is clearly of concern, they need to be put in the proper context.

"What this amounts to is about one violation per day, one per day for Metro bus, and one violation for every 92-thousand miles driven," Stessel said.

 According to Stessel, Metro bus drivers are responsible for paying their own tickets, so there is no cost to riders or taxpayers. Still, many riders say they're concerned by the number of moving violations by the men and women responsible for safely getting them where they need to go.

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