Dave Owens Blog: Do You Believe in Randy Edsall Yet?

5:19 PM, Oct 23, 2012   |    comments
Randy Edsall (US Presswire)
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- As kicker Brad Craddock lined up to attempt what many of the 40,000 fans at Byrd Stadium assumed was the game winner over North Carolina State Saturday, a member of the Terrapins sports department looked toward me and bellowed, "you're about to have a story tonight man." 

Little did he know, Craddock was about to extract the life from the joint. One ding off the crossbar and that was that. Wolfpack 20, Terps 18. Randy Edsall dropped to 4-3 on the season and 6-13 overall.

Four wins in the first seven weeks of the season isn't anything to shout about in Tuscaloosa, or Los Angeles, or any of the other top tier football crazy venues around the country. 

But at College Park, it's a pleasant (insert the word solid if you like) beginning to year two of the Edsall regime. After all, just think back to the last twelve months. More than 20 players, including Quarterback Danny O'Brien opt to bolt, a 2011 two-win disaster, and multiple home games featuring disgruntled fans encouraging Edsall to rent, not buy in the DMV.

Fast forward to now and ohhhh aren't some of us beginning to give pause to the Run Edsall out of Town Campaign. Are you one of them? Maybe not, but there are positive signs coming out of Gossett Field House right? Edsall raved after the signing of Stefon Diggs and now we know why. The former Our Lady of Good Counsel standout averages 166 total yards per game, which ranks 11th nationally by the way. The more Diggs slithers his way through would-be tacklers like something out of the Matrix, the more Edsall builds leverage with other homegrown potential recruits. Additionally, the Terps defense ranks 11th in the country and anyone who's watched them up close knows they are legitimately formidable.

True, there are five games remaining. True, (on paper) losses to Florida State and Clemson seem unavoidable. True, no win from here on out is guaranteed with the team down to its third and fourth options at QB (I have eligibility left from my wayward days at Navy by the way!). True, Edsall's recruiting acumen will be tested in the coming months as Tate, Drakeford, Hartsfield, Vellano and Francis all graduate. And finally true, attendance at Byrd needs to get better than the current average of approximately 37,000 this season (last season's seven games were slightly above 42,000). 

But, for all the shrapnel Edsall's taken in the last year, doesn't he deserve some praise now for putting a decent product on the field, despite devastating injuries at quarterback? This reporter says yes!

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