School Officials Investigate Teen Bullying Incidents

5:29 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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FREDERICK, Md. (WUSA) - Cheryl Deener can't fight back the tears as she talks about the bullying she says her 15-year old son Preston has had to endure.

She says she "don't remember schools every being this bad, ever."

Preston says there have been four incidents of bullying so far this year and he has no idea why he's been a target.

Preston says just today three kids - who attend Brunswick High School with him - chased him and attacked him.

A Hagerstown TV station was interviewing him at the time and caught part of the incident on camera.

"I ran and ran and ran, and I dropped my book bag and ran to an administrative official because that's what I am supposed to do" Preston said.

Michael Doerrer, a spokesman for Frederick County Public Schools, say they are investigating - even though this latest incident was off school property.
He added the district has a zero tolerance policy, and they "take allegations very seriously and it's something that we aggressively and proactively follow up on."

She says the district needs to enforce their policies.
Deener met with school officials today and figure out what happens from here.

She's worried for her son's safety but pointed out - her son isn't the only victim of bullying.

Preston organized a homecoming dance because he wasn't initially allowed to go his school's Homecoming after he got into a fight with a bully.

While school officials ended up allowing him to attend homecoming, this special homecoming dance will go forward.

Preston hopes it sends a message that they are taking a stand and bullying needs to stop.

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