It's Too Easy Seeing Green: $34M Reflecting Pool Edged By Algae

7:05 PM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C.  (WUSA) -  A sheen of unsightly pale green algae has crept into the National Mall's Reflecting Pool which reopened last month after a $34 million renovation, but the National Park Service said it is in the process of "balancing and commissioning the new Reflecting Pool water circulation, filtration, and treatment systems."

 The pool's new water circulating system gets water pumped from the Tidal Basin, which is filtered, and treated before it flows into the renovated Reflecting Pool. The NPS says the new system is continually circulating and treating water using ozonation, a natural water treatment process that needs no chemicals.

NPS says the algae is "a natural consequence of taking water from Tidal Basin. The ozonation is being adjusted, and the algae is beginning to die off." NPS has crews skimming the pool manually to help the filtering process along and says the "adjustment phase was expected."

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