Dennis L. Martire, reinstated to his seat on the MWAA board after challenging moves to replace him, then announces October resignation

8:57 PM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -  A board member who had challenged moves to replace him has been returned to his seat on the board, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board of Directors announced in a statement.

Board member Dennis L. Martire has been re-seated after  approval of an agreement to end legal action between Martire, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Airports Authority.

Martire returned to his seat after the agreement was announced by Chairman Michael A. Curto. Martire had not been seated since the legal action began in June. After taking his seat, Martire then announced he would resign at the end of the board's October meeting.

Under the agreement, all litigation in the matter will be dismissed and an independent third party will review the legal fees.

The board's discussion of ethics policies for the Authority began at a special meeting Sept. 5, when directors ratified a new travel policy for all directors and employees. The policy revisions are part of ongoing efforts to address criticisms of Authority business activities and governance practices.

The Authority also launched a review of contracting procedures,revised its bylaws to strengthen policies on open meetings; enacted a new Freedom of Information policy; created an Internal Control Group to assure compliance with policies and procedures; and started reviewing policies regarding employment and business dealings with former board members.

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