Presidential Campaign Ads Mislead

10:30 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D. C. (WUSA) --- Regardless of results on election day, your next president will be someone who takes liberties with the truth.

Looking at television commercials sponsored by by the Romney and Obama presidential campaigns, Political Ad Tracker, a joint project of WUSA9's parent company Gannett and Fact Check Dot Org, concludes that the truth is being stretched.

In one Romney ad designed to undermine Bill Clinton's support of President Obama's economic polices, viewers see Clinton speaking in 2008, referring to Obama, and proclaiming " Give me a break!"

The ad is about economic policy, and viewers get the impression Clinton is being critical of Obama's. The sound bite, however, comes from the 2008 primary campaign where Hillary Clinton was fighting Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination. Bill Clinton was talking about Iraq War policy, not about economic policy.

An Obama campaign ad cites the creation of four-point-six million new jobs on the president's watch.

Ad tracker concludes that number is accurate only if you start counting in March of 2010, at the jobs low point, and if you do not count the layoffs of public employees.

If those public worker job losses are included in the equation, the jobs number falls to four-point-one million new jobs.

And if you start counting when President Obama took office in January of 2009, the economy still has 261 thousand jobs fewer jobs now than it did then.

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