Va Senator Richard Black Writes Letter To Governor Bob McDonnell To Take Back Control Of Dulles Toll Road From MWAA

8:19 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
Virginia's 13th District Senator Richard Black (courtesy: Office of Senator Richard Black)
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 PDF Document: Black letter to GOV re MWAA

(WUSA) -- Earlier this week, Senator Richard Black of Virginia's 13th District sent a letter to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell asking him to "take control of the Dulles Toll Road from MWAA" by revoking its VDOT permit due to "gross mismanagement" and "waste of taxpayer money."  We received his letter via email from his legislative assistant on Thursday.

In his letter (you can see it at the link on this story), Sen. Black cites an Examiner article from August on MWAA's operation and says MWAA's application for "a three-year extension on their projected completion date for Dulles Rail" is "expensive and unacceptable." 

The senator also writes that " is widely understood that MWAA is a dysfunctional organization..." with a board operating "in near total secrecy" and without the authority to run the Toll Road and Metro projects under their charter. According to Senator Black, former Virginia governor time Kaine gave the Dulles Toll Road to MWAA, leaving "...Virginia voters without recourse at the ballot box."

Senator Black says in his letter that Northern Virginians are concerned toll rates on the Dulles Toll Road will increase so much that will make more commuters travel on other roads that are already congested in the area. He then urges the governor to "...retake what was unlawfully given away by your predecessor" and move to revoke the permit.

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