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Metro Takes Care Of 5 NTSB Safety Recommendations

5:00 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- The National Transportation Safety Board closed five of Metro's safety recommendations, announced Metro Board Safety Committee Chair Mort Downey via a press release on Thursday. 

You may remember that the NTSB made dozens of safety recommendations following the fatal 2009 crash. 

The five recommendations the NTSB has closed include, according to the Metro press release: 

  1. "Take action to enhance the safety redundancy of [Metro's] train control system by evaluating track occupancy data on a real-time basis in order to detect losses in track occupancy and automatically generate alerts. Alerts should prompt actions that include immediately stopping train movements or implementing appropriate speed restrictions to prevent collisions." (
  2. "Because of the susceptibility to pulse-type parasitic oscillation that can cause a loss of train detection by the Generation 2 General Railway Signal Company audio frequency track circuit modules, establish a program to permanently remove from service all of these modules within the Metrorail system." (
  3. "Implement cable insulation resistance testing that we recommended as part of Metrorail's periodic maintenance program." (
  4. "Work with the Tri-State Oversight Committee to satisfactorily address the recommendations contained in the Federal Transit Administration's March 4, 2010, final report of its audit of the Tri-State Oversight Committee and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority." (
  5. "Review the Hazard Identification and Resolution Matrix process in your system safety program plan to ensure that safety-critical systems such as the automatic train control system and its subsystem components are assigned appropriate levels of risk in light of the issues identified in [the Fort Totten] accident."(

According to Metro, it still has 10 recommendations to address. NTSB has 22 recommendations still open but Metro submitted 12 of those recommendations to be closed. Four Of those 12 recommendations remain open pending more documents, say Metro officials. One of the recommendations still open concerns replacement of the 1000 series Rohr Rail cars.

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