PHOTOS: Does New iPhone 5 Live Up To Hype?

10:37 PM, Sep 12, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: PHOTOS: Apple's iPhone 5

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)-- The new iPhone 5 unveiled in California on Wednesday is thinner, lighter, and taller than all previous models of the smart phone. 

Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior V.P. of Marketing said, "it's designed and built to an exact level of standard unlike anything we or anyone in our industry have made before," at the unveiling.

Former Apple employee and digital consumer expert Peter Lamotte says that is not so. 

Lamotte said, "It was not a revolutionary product by any means. It took many of the specs from the 4S and upgraded them."

Lamotte says the new iPhone 5 is more like comparable to other smart phones than people may think. The Android for example he says is a tough competitor to the iPhone that does almost the same if not more.

The iPhone 5 does have a faster wireless network through 4G and LTE, and Lamotte says it still has the best operations system the iOS 6. 

He said, "Apple still has, by most definitions, a better operating system."

In the end Lamotte says it's "Apps" that will set the two apart. Smart Phone "Apps" contribute to a billion dollar industry, according to him. The phone that offers the most "Apps," he says, will be king.

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