How Other Cities Handle Late Baseball Games

7:42 AM, Aug 22, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Did you get stranded at Monday's thrilling extra-inning game at Nationals Park?  It seems many fans didn't know (and didn't hear the announcements) that Metro stops running at its normal time.  Only a prearranged agreement with The Nationals, including a $29,000 payment, will keep the trains running late. 

That's a big fee to pay in advance, considering only the rarest of games will end past midnight.   That said, we wondered how other cities with rail systems that are not open 24 hours handle such situations.  Here's what we learned.

Atlanta: Service is regularly open until 1am, but it will stay open late if the game runs late.

Baltimore: Light rail stays open one hour past the last out.

Boston: The last train leaves the closest station to Fenway Park at 12:10.  Announcements are made inside the park and are put on the scoreboard.

Cleveland:  Service normally ends between midnight and 1am, but fans are guaranteed a ride home if the game runs late.

Philadelphia: SEPTA keeps the subway system open 

Phoenix:  Light rail stays open to give fans a chance to get home.

St. Louis:  Trains will keep running to get all fans home.

San Francisco/Oakland: Last train between 12:15-12:23.  No late service for late games.

Seattle: Light rail regularly stays open until 1am


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