Neil Prescott of Crofton, Md., who allegedly threatened to 'blow up everybody' at his workplace,described by neighbors as quiet

10:19 PM, Jul 27, 2012   |    comments
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CROFTON, Md (WUSA) -- Neil Prescott worked at Pitney Bowes as a subcontractor for several years.

Police say Prescott allegedly wanted to open fire and 'blow up everybody' at the company's Capital Heights location off East Hampton Boulevard.

Police say he was in the process of being fired from the software and mailroom supply business.
Prescott lives in an apartment in Crofton, which police raided. Police partially evacuated the apartment building.

Prescott grew up in Catonsville, Maryland, where neighbors say he was really into computers.

Kenneth Jackson is a former neigbhor. "He's very quiet, to himself in his room. His parents wanted him to go to college but he decided to be a computer geek," he said.

Brandy Lally is a current neighbor but didn't know him. "It's shocking and scary. This is a wonderful community. Everybody meets at the dog park. It's scary, you never know who your neighbors are apparently."

9NewsNow tried talking with the man whom Prescott allegedly phoned to make those threats, but he declined to speak with us.

Prescott is in the hospital undergoing evaluation. He has not been charged yet.

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