9News Now Pushes Pepco President For Answers On Staff Cuts

10:27 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON,D.C. (WUSA) --- As tens of thousands of Washington-area residents faced a fifth night without electricity or air conditioning, PEPCO Regional President Thomas Graham stopped at the studios of 9News Now to answer questions about efforts to restore power, telling viewers the number of his customers without power has fallen from 443 thousand to less than 100,000.

An IBEW 1900 union official told 9News Now on Monday that PEPCO had, over the last 15 years, reduced by about half the number of line repair workers it employs. Graham was asked if that claim is true and, if so, whether that smaller number may have contributed to the amount of time it is taking to fully restore service.

Although he was asked repeatedly, Graham told viewers that he doesn't know, that he is, instead, totally focused on restoring power to those who are still without it.

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