Deadly Storm Claims 2 Lives In Springfield, Va.

8:17 AM, Jul 1, 2012   |    comments
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SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WUSA) --The deadly storm claimed two lives in Springfield, Virginia.

Damage on the Virginia side is widespread.

A 90-year-old woman died on Carr Place near Greeley Boulevard. She was asleep when a tree crashed down. About a mile away on Old Keene Mill Road, a 27-year-old man was killed when a large tree fell on top of his car.

There were also many near misses.

A huge tree crashed into Helen Grundy's bedroom.

She was sitting in her rocking chair when 86-year-old Helen Grundy thought it might be time to wait out the storm downstairs.

"I picked up my pocket book of all things, so strange," Grundy said.

She didn't get very far.

Grundy described: "Whoosh! Blew down the step." .

But just enough to cheat death. The wind and the force of the tree knocked her down the stairs.

"A few seconds more I would have been sittin' in that chair and I would've been a gonner," she said.

The destructive path of the storm claimed two lives in West Springfield. One of them is Helen's 90-year-old neighbor across the street.

One neighbor says, "Driving around it looks like a hurricane came through."

Trees and powerlines were no match for mother nature with

no explanation why some homes survived and others didn't.

Two large trees narrowly missed the Callaghan's home.

Bill Callaghan says, "it sounded quite terrible. I heard this crunch crunch, pop, bang. I could feel the house shutter. I don't feel that lucky but i think you at times have to look up and thank goodness you were spared.

A sentiment Helen is echoing tonight.

" I'm thinking, I'm so thankful someone is up there is looking after me."

At the height of the storm of the storm 450,000 Dominion Power customers were in the dark.

As of late Saturday afternoon there were 370,000. It could be days before power is restored.

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