David Chaney, Greg Stokes, identified as 2 Secret Service agents ousted in scandal

5:28 PM, Apr 19, 2012   |    comments
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(CBS) - CBS News has learned the names of two of the Secret Service agents being ousted from the agency for alleged inappropriate behavior involving prostitutes on a presidential mission to Cartagena, Colombia.

USSS supervisor David Chaney was the supervisor who was allowed to retire. USSS supervisor Greg Stokes was "removed with cause" and has the option to appeal the decision within 30 days. He was recently listed on the internet as the supervisor of the Canine Training Section of the Secret Service.

Attempts to reach both of them were unsuccessful.

A third agent resigned in the wake of the scandal, CBS News first reported Wednesday. At least eight other Secret Service employees remain under investigation and further resignations are expected. Ten defense personnel are also under investigation for alleged involvement.

The raucous party occurred just over one week ago. The government employees are believed to have spent the evening drinking, going to a strip club, and picking up prostitutes at multiple locations. The women had to check in at the hotel where the agents were staying and provide identification. A congressional staffer briefed on the matter said the Secret Service has copies of the IDs which show the women were all of age. King said identification cards showed that the youngest woman was 20 years old.

According to the staffer, one agent involved in an altercation with a prostitute over payment did not realize there was payment involved or that the woman was a prostitute. Some of the agents, however, knew that the women were prostitutes, had sex with them and paid for the sex.

United States Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan has told members of Congress that he expects more resignations from agents involved in the Colombian prostitution scandal by the end of the week, according to a congressional staffer with knowledge of the investigation.

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