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Local Coach Helps Autistic Kids Make Major Strides

9:04 PM, Apr 13, 2012   |    comments
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GERMANTOWN, Md. (WUSA) -- For many, changing lives may be considered small miracles, but for "Coach" Aaron Anderson, changing lives is just another day.

Coach Anderson runs a program called "Heights and Beyond" where he makes house visits around the beltway helping autistic and other special needs' children improve their motor functions.

Anderson says, "I teach a lot of basic skills that we take for granted including running, jumping, climbing, how to throw and kick a ball."

Elsa Cayelli of Montgomery County tried different programs for many months trying to help her son Danny learn how to ride a bike.  Others gave up on Danny, so she asked Aaron for help.

Cayelli says, "In 3 days he had Danny ride a bike without training wheels and without anxiety and fear."

Susan Dolce of Germantown is delighted with the work of Coach Anderson.  He taught her son, Paul, how to swim.

Dolce says, "He is able to bring out enthusiasm and dealing with autism there can be a lot of anxiety, he really is someone who can break through that barrier."

Coach Anderson says, "I'm so happy for the kids and i'm so happy that i'm doing it.  I grew up with ADD myself with special needs and so now that i'm giving back to these kids I just get the warmest feeling."

You can contact Coach Anderson at or email him directly at

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