Dan Ki Kim, Town Square Market Liquor Store Owner, Arrested In DC; Charged With Selling Alcohol To Minor

5:28 PM, Feb 20, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)-- A major development has come in the wake of a 9 News Now investigation into an alleged supplier of alcohol to underage buyers as young as 14 years old.

57 year-old Richard Dan Ki Kim, the owner of Town Square Market on MacArthur Boulevard in Northwest Washington was arrested, handcuffed and detained by police late Saturday night, charged with selling alcohol to a minor. 

A 17 year-old high school student was also arrested, cuffed and detained for buying the alcohol. Minutes before, police had observed a carload of three young men park outside the store and watched one of them go to the counter, buy the alcohol and leave. When he came outside, police asked him for identification, which he had, although it belonged to someone else. All three young men are students at a high school in Arlington.

9 News Now has been investigating this liquor store since December of 2011.
Montgomery County, Maryland Police have also been watching Town Square Market. In recent weeks, officers have issued 38 citations to minors who bought alcohol at Town Square and crossed into Montgomery County.

DC's alcohol control board, ABRA, will now investigate this case, conferring with Montgomery County authorities, and present their case to the ABC Board, which will determine whether the store will lose its liquor license.

The two arrests came as the result of a joint operation by the Metropolitan Police Department and ABRA, DC's alcohol control board.

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Written by Andrea McCarren


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