Dillon's Story

9:10 AM, May 8, 2012   |    comments
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ARBUTUS, Md. (WUSA) -- "I just remember waking up outside of my truck on the ground, shaking. Bleeding. And thinking, that was it. And I wasn't okay with that," Dillon Lewis tells 9NEWS NOW reporter, Andrea McCarren from his hospital room bed.

We met Dillon at the lowest moment of his life. 

"I wanted to fight and I wanted to live," says Dillon. "And I wanted to stay here. And I did that."

Driving drunk on a cold January night, Dillon lost control of his truck, hit a telephone pole and flipped over.)

"For some people, they don't get this lucky. They don't get this second chance that I got. They don't get to wake up.  After their drunken car accident."

We met the 21-year-old at University of Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore, hours after he was brought in by ambulance.  Minutes before he went into surgery.

"I don't want to touch alcohol ever again. I need to take on responsibilities as a 21 year-old. I need to get my act together."

"I got a call from Shock Trauma about six in the morning telling me where he was," says Leslie Wells, Dillon's mother.  "Every mother can probably imagine how I felt."

Dillon told us the toughest part of this ordeal was facing his mother.

"The first thing he did was apologize.  I was so happy he was alive.

"We agreed there would be no alcohol in this house. Ever again," says Leslie.

"Drinking alcohol isn't for me. I'd rather spend my time looking for things I can enjoy doing sober," says Dillon.

Dillon's raw honesty already appears to be impacting young lives. We met him just by chance, while visiting this trauma center with a group of juvenile offenders. Teenagers getting a glimpse of the real-life consequences of their destructive behavior.

"So I hope that those kids really learned that they have families, and they have lives, and if they have dreams, drinking is going to take it all away from them. That's all I want them to see."

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