Commercials Of The Year 2011

7:42 AM, Dec 28, 2011   |    comments
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(WUSA) -- All week long, we're showing you the "best" of 2011. is out with its list of the year's best commercials.
Topping othe list is one everyone in the newsroom picked as one of their tops: it's an ad from Volkswagen.

The kid, dressed up as Darth Vader, trying to use his brain to control things. He finally is able to control dad's car with a little help from Dad.

Number two is a viral ad from Chipotle. It features the song "The Scientist," originally by Coldplay, in this ad done by Willie Nelson.
The spot is all about using locally grown ingredients in fast food.
Money from people downloading the song on iTunes went to a Chipotle charity.

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