PediaCare Medicine Recall

3:28 PM, Jun 2, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Parents, time to check the cabinet again.

Four types of PediaCare medicines are being recalled over quality concerns. They were made in the same Pennsylvania facility where contaminated lots of children's Tylenol and other medications were produced.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare made the medications for Blacksmith Brands. And, the recalls impact all lots of the following medicines:

*PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold

*PediaCare Long Acting Cough

*PediaCare Decongestant

*PediaCare Allergy and Cold

If you have any of these brands at home, toss them immediately.

Contact Blacksmith for information about a free replacement coupon or a refund.

You can also call their consumer number for more information. The number to call is (888) 474-3099.


Written by Lesli Foster

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