Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate, trying to capture battleground state of Virginia

6:43 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA) -  We're into the all out sprint for the finish of the Presidential race, and it's a measure of just how critical Virginia is to Mitt Romney's calculus that he's spent three of the last five days here.

President Obama might be able to assemble a winning margin in the Electoral College without Virginia. But even Republican analysts say for Romney, the odds are almost impossible without the Commonwealth.

"One more day!" roared thousands of Romney supporters jammed the inside of the Patriot Center and thousands more circled outside, unable to get in. "If anyone watching American politics wants to know where the energy is, it's right here," Romney told the crowd to cheers.

The Romney campaign insists that energy shows a newfound momentum for the Republican that will bring a rout on Tuesday, although the campaign has a hard time pointing to any polls that track that Big Mo.

Joe Biden spoke to a much smaller -- but no less enthusiastic crowd in Sterling. Four years ago, it was Mr. Obama who delivered his final pre-election speech in Virginia. This year, Virginians had to make-do with the Vice President.

"There is no quit in America. Never has an never will," he said. "We need you Virginia. And if we win Virginia, we'll win the election."

Romney hits four states on election eve.... and his campaign just added two more on election day -- Ohio and Pennsylvania -- in a last minute effort to broaden the battleground.

Romney's closing argument: that if he wins, he'll bring "real change from day one" -- and that President Obama has failed to deliver. "You hope that President Obama would live up to his promises... He hasn't. I will."

After the polls close tomorrow night, if you want an early sense of who is going to win, keep a close eye on Virginia.

And an even closer eye on the returns from Prince William County. The pundits say that battleground county in this battleground state could be a real early indicator.

That is unless its so close that we have to wait until Wednesday morning -- or even longer -- to find out who will live in the White House for the next four years.

Reported and Written By Bruce Leshan 9News,

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