Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate, told veterans in Springfield, Va., he would stop shrinking the military, add to activ duty forces

7:13 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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SPRINGFIELD, Va.  (WUSA) - Governor Mitt Romney met with veterans at the American Legion Post in Springfield today. He started his talk by thanking Medal of Honor recipients and all veterans for their service.

He talked up his support of defense spending... hammering President Obama for the job losses predicted under sequestration cuts at the end of the year. He said cutting defense spending now should be unthinkable.
The crowd, mostly veterans, agreed as Governor Romney explained that to have a strong military, a strong economy is needed.

Romney said that he would not only stop shrinking the military, but would add to the active duty force. He got big applause quoting Ronald Reagan.

"I happen to subscribe to Ronald Reagan. Peace comes through strength. You're so strong that no one wants to test it."

"The people who are out there fighting the wars, support them forever... Gov. Romney totally supports that," said veteran Pete Peterson.

But that's not the opinion of veteran Jim Dillard, who represented Springfield for 30 years in the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican.

"They talk about cutting domestic spending by 20%. If they do that, that's $11 billion dollars for veterans' programs. And I don't think veterans ought to be the one to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy. So we need a president whose is going to look out for veterans and is going to look for the middle class and lead us back to prosperity," said Dillard.

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