Murder defendent Craig Patterson stays in jail until trial for killing of Julian Dawkins

4:54 PM, Sep 9, 2013   |    comments
  • Craig Patterson, Arlington County deputy charged in death of Julian Dawkins
  • Julian Dawkins
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ALEXANDRIA, Va  (WUSA) -- Former Arlington County Deputy Craig Patterson, charged with murdering Julian Dawkins, was denied bond again today in Alexandria Circuit Court, but new information on the defense case came to light.

As Patterson's attorney argued, and won, for release of all police reports concerning Dawkins, Megan Thomas alleged that Dawkins may have been using and dealing drugs. She said that his connections with Alexandria police were the reason he was confrontational and possessive of his neighborhood. She called Dawkins's behavior "consistent with someone who is dealing drugs."

Patterson and Dawkins were heard and seen by witnesses arguing the night of the shooting. Patterson told police that Dawkins pulled a knife on him and chased him down the street. Patterson was heard by witnesses saying, "I'll be back, believe I'll be back."

Commonwealth Attorney Randy Sengel says Patterson left and came back with his gun, badge and handcuffs before fatally shooting Dawkins.  Dawkins's knife was found folded in his back pocket.

A motion filed by Patterson's attorney states that Patterson "went looking for Dawkins to effectuate an arrest. He said that when he saw Dawkins again, Dawkins swung at him, and that he shot Dawkins one time and then called 911."

Thomas argued that items found on Mr. Dawkins's body, $1000 cash and a marijuana wrapper , are "evidence of drug dealing" which made him "confrontational and aggressive from the get go."

The defense also wrote that "Dawkins has held  himself out as someone who endorses or lives a lifestyle that includes access to  and/or possession of guns, large ampounts of cash, and material items as evidenced by pitures posted or reposted on his social media."

In the courtroom today were families of both Dawkins and Patterson. After the hearing, a Dawkins family friend said that they were pleased Patterson would remain behind bars.

Judge William Hamblen set a trial date starting December 9, 2013.

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