Cuccinelli campaign refuses to take down Ad

8:46 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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Video: VA Gov. speaks to WUSA9

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli

(WUSA9) -- New calls tonight for Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli to take down a campaign ad that targets his opponent Terry McAuliffe.  

Some of those calls are coming from the very people featured in the ad.  A union official who helped facilitate the interviews and says they were all mislead.

"I personally think the Cuccinelli campaign ought to take this ad down," said Delegate Rob Krupicka (D) 45th District.  He is referring to this ad from Ken Cuccinelli's campaign for governor. 

The problem with the ad is that the two women apparently thought they were being interviewed for a documentary on the Global Crossing bankruptcy, not for a political ad.  The president of the local communications workers of American chapter in Rochester,  John Pusloskie, who helped give the filmmaker  access to the former workers, says they were all used.  He says the Cuccinelli campaign should take the ad down down. 

Pusloskie said the filmmaker told him he was  a journalist and never mentioned anything about a political campaign of the Cuccinelli campaign.  

"Nothing political was ever mentioned whatsoever," he said. 

"I think it adds to the erosion of confidence in government.  When you   people in an ad, in a negative attack ad, that they didn't have any knowledge that they were going to be part of," said Krupicka. 

The Cuccinelli Campaign says it will not take down the ad. 

A spokesman says it's 100% true and that it speaks for itself. The campaign's communications director Richard Cullen ays the ad "captures the central premise of Terry McAuliffe's professional life, profiting off the backs of others with no job creation to show for it.  

With Global Crossing, McAuliffe used political connections to make millions of dollars just before thousands of employees lost their jobs and livelihoods."

A man the Cuccinelli campaign told us was involved in the filmmaking, would not allow his name to be used, but said all the people interviewed were told it was for a political advertisement in Virginia.

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