Woman had emergency C-section after arrest for brawl

8:04 AM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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OCEAN CITY, Md. (DELMARVANOW)- A nine-months-along pregnant woman had an emergency C-section after getting into an altercation with Ocean City police officers.

Ocean City police spokeswoman Lindsay O'Neal confirmed Wednesday that 24-year-old Delima Ekundayo Ibironke Palmer was brought to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury for the caesarian section.

It came at the end of an afternoon on which Palmer and three of her companions were charged on the beach at North Division Street with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

O'Neal said Palmer was in the middle of the charging process at the police station. When she began to experience labor pains, the charging process immediately was halted and Palmer was brought to the hospital.

O'Neal said Palmer would not have been taken into custody if she did not resist arrest.

"It's very unfortunate that the circumstance happened the way they did," she said. "But the female did assault our officers, and she resisted arrest. "Because of that that, our officers needed to take the appropriate actions," she said. "We will be reviewing any and all videos that we receive, and are launching an internal investigation, if we deem necessary," she said. "But at this time, the department believes our officers acted appropriately during this incident."

Court documents state Palmer was going to be charged with assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and hindering before she went into labor. O'Neal said those same charges are now pending against her.

Ocean City police did not provide the hometown of Palmer. Palmer's charges were not available on the Maryland Case Search website Wednesday evening.

According to court documents, the incident began at about 2:40 p.m. on July 21. Police were dispatched to the beach after a lifeguard asked for help with a group of allegedly intoxicated men.

When they got there, police reported finding a group of about eight men who, according to lifeguard Stephen Fowlor, had been cursing loudly and disturbing others on the beach.

Abdul Kargbo, 25, of Woodbridge, Va., had been asked by the lifeguard to cease his behavior, according to court documents. The man allegedly responded by getting in the lifeguard's face, threatening him.

Kargbo and another man in the group, Musa Seisay, 24, of Garrisonville, Md., stated that police "were only harassing them because they were black," court records state.

As police spoke with Abdul Kargbo, a man identified as his brother, Saidu Kargbo, 20, of Woodbridge, Va., got close enough that one officer held up an arm "informing him to stay back." The brother swatted the officer's hand away, court documents show.

Delima Ekundayo Ibironke Palmer was brought to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury for the caesarian section. Police on the scene called for backup, and eight more officers showed up. Police reported that when they tried to place some of the men into handcuffs for arrest, they wrestled and thrashed in the sand to get away.

One person who came closer to police was identified as Palmer. When she was repeatedly told by one police officer to get back, she responded by striking him in the face. The police report says she was placed into handcuffs and arrested.

Much of the episode was captured on video. Footage shot by cell phone at the scene, which was provided to a Washington-area television station and posted to YouTube, shows one officer performing on the pregnant woman what police call a "take-down," or bringing a person to the ground for purposes of restraining them.

Saidu Kargbo and Musa Seisay both were charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, second-degree assault and obstructing & hindering.

Abdul Kargbo was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

All are scheduled to face their charges Aug. 23 in Ocean City District Court.

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