Fairfax County Police Officer Long 'Junior' Dinh's Miraculous Recovery After Head-On Collision

6:55 AM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) -- Many people have heard about Alexandria Police Officer Peter Laboy and the shooting that nearly killed him in February. Hours after that terrible shooting, a Fairfax County Police officer was critically injured in a police chase and head-on collision.

Officer Long "Junior" Dinh was trapped in his car, had broken bones from his face to his feet, and was left in a coma, but now he is back on his feet.

Captain Gun Lee with the Fairfax County Police, said, "To see him suffering during those rough days words cannot describe the pain we were all feeling."

Dinh was in a coma for three days after an erratic driver who police were pursuing crashed head on into Officer Dinh's car. The suspect died.

But two months to the day of the high speed crash, Officer Long Dinh Jr., whom many call simply "Junior," is making a miraculous recovery.

"It's ridiculous how many people came to support me," Officer Dinh said.

"It's because they care about you," WUSA 9's Surae Chinn told the officer.

"Agreed, but it's crazy nonetheless," he responded. 

His father, Long Dinh Sr., shared, "While in a coma I was crying. When we come here, my son and I hug together. We feel God help us. Community support us. A deep, deep feeling."

Officer Dinh was able to attend his own fundraiser at the Hard Times Café in the City of Fairfax. Friends, family and the restaurant are helping pay for the enormous hospital bills and long-term rehabilitation costs.

The outpouring of support has been phenomenal from t-shirt sales, raffles and a silent auction. When RGIII heard about Officer Dinh's situation he signed a Redskins helmet for the auction.

"Feeling great. I'm walking in these, these days. I will be in these for several months but I'm walking though," Dinh said about his recovery.

His colleagues in blue have no doubt the 28-year-old officer will be back in uniform.

The Fairfax Fraternal Order of Police has set up a blog and a website where you can donate online and find out the latest update on Officer Dinh. They are:




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