Father, Daughter Save Man Who Fell On Metro Tracks

8:26 PM, Apr 14, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Jennifer Buchanan from Annandale, Virginia and her father Kent Wright who was visiting from Massachusetts were on their way to a Caps game Thursday night when they became someone's hero.

The excitement was suppose to be at the ice rink but all the adrenaline would happen during 'pre-game.'

"I could see the lights on the train in the tunnel," Buchanan said.

A man looking down on his phone stepped right off the platform into an oncoming Metro train at Pentagon City station while they were waiting for the train.

"He slipped right off the track right in front of us," Wright said. "He was laying on the rail on his face."

You can barely make out in the Metro surveillance video that the man falls down on the tracks. The crowd gathered around on the platform to see, what happens next would save the man's life.

"I got down on my hands and knees, my daughter got down on her hands and knees. I said 'give me your hand' I didn't know the train was coming," Wright said. "I grabbed his hand, yanked him up. My daughter grabbed his legs and rolled him onto the platform, just as the train got there."

The quick thinking in mere seconds prevented a tragedy. And according to the pair, it was pure instinct.

"I think the guy is alive because we didn't think. As soon as he fell we were on our hands and knees pulling him up," Wright said.

The man they helped save is a mystery to them because the father-daughter team went on to the Caps game. But not before a little gratitude.

"I looked at him and he said 'thank you' but he was so dazed. You read about it and you wonder what I would do. And now we know we'd do the right thing and we did," Wright said.

Metro is not releasing the identity of the man who was saved. The father daughter pair do say the take away from all this is don't be distracted.

Stop looking at your phone, or what have you, and pay attention to your surroundings at metro or anywhere else. You may not have good Samaritans around to save you.

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