Bob McDonnell, Virginia Governor, asks all of state's departments to prepare for cuts

11:30 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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FAIRFAX, VA (WUSA) --- Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has asked every state department head to prepare four percent across-the-board budget cuts in anticipation of the federal government failing to adopt budget measures that would stop the so-called fiscal cliff from being breached in January.

McDonnell's contingency planning, based on the damage to the Virginia budget done by federal cuts, has state legislators and local government officials admitting to being nervous. The state constitution requires Virginia's budget to be in balance.

If those four percent cuts actually happen, state legislators say its education that gets hit hard, that its transportation that gets hit hard.

"Right now we don't have the money to invest and this will only make things worse," said Virginia Delegate David Bulova, a Democrat who represents the state's 37th District.

"The impacts will be severe. You're talking about a budget that has already been cut significantly over the last four years to the point where we are cutting into the bone of our human services," he said.

Worried about that federal fiscal cliff, the Fairfax School Board Thursday night passed a resolution urging congress to stop it.
Going over the fiscal cliff could mean a $6 million hit to programs that serve the county's 36,000 kids learning English

"This has a major impact on Fairfax County Public Schools and our ability to work with those children," said Fairfax Education Association president Micheal Hairston.

"(It could mean) maybe a reduction of employees, plus not being, the teachers, not being able to work with those children in traditional ways," he told 9News.

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