New Holiday Display In Leesburg Mocks Christianity

9:41 PM, Dec 20, 2011   |    comments
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  • A display in Leesburg makes a mockery of Christianity
  • New Holiday Display In Leesburg Mocks Christianity

LEESBURG, Va. (WUSA) - The latest display set up on the lawn of the Loudoun County Courthouse makes a mockery out of Christianity.

"I'm disgusted. I'm all for freedom of speech, but this goes too far," said Joy Fletcher of Hamilton.

Set up by The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the display distorts a nativity scene replacing the baby Jesus with, yes, a baby spaghetti monster. The caption reads: "touched by an Angelhair (pasta, that is)."

Joy Fletcher said, "If you want to put out a sign, fine, but I don't believe... in making fun of my religion."

Some say signs like this one and the crucified Skeleton Santa are proof of a War On Christmas.

Rick Wingrove said, "I'm a director in American Athiets. I never got a memo. There is no war on Christmas."

Wingrove was raised a Baptist, and even celebrates the season with decorations, a tree, and even angel ornaments. He became an atheist when he was teenager.

"We're in your family, we're in your job, your IT guy," he said.

Now he's and Athiest activist, professing his non-belief everywhere he goes. He says, "I think the separation of church and state is essential for this republic."

Wingrove says as long as Loudoun county lets the Nativity scene on the courthouse lawn, his groups will keep on coming with their displays.


One passerby said this about the displays: "Take it all down... it doesn't have to be on the courthouse (lawn)."


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