McGinty's Mailbag: Bear Sightings

6:26 PM, Aug 10, 2011   |    comments
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courtesy: Oliver Peters

A family in Leesburg, Virginia is dealing with a black bear whose taken a serious liking to their bird feeder, and apparently they are not alone. About a zillion bear sightings on the WUSA Facebook page. 

Jeffrey Wilson writes:

"We have one here in Front Royal that has started visiting our trash cans for those who put it out the night before. I've had to start waiting until the morning of now so that I don't have to go outside and pick up a bunch of trash from my can."

And Alicia Lumpp lives in Winchester:

"Just yesterday we saw a baby black bear strolling through the yard. We live on a farm so its not unbelievable. Just a bit worried about where the Momma bear might be!"

Heather Fox says, don't blame the bears:

"...They are all over Loudoun County. The more we keep building Loudoun up the less room they have and the more we are going to see them. Where are they supposed to go?"

And a possible solution from Dawn Mutebi:

"Just keep easily accessible bear treats locked up and they will go elsewhere, since that is the #1 reason they come around civilization. I lived in the NH White Mountains and had these guys around me and my little one on a daily basis.

"They would find food easily in bird feeders and dumpsters, so we brought in the feeders and locked up the dumpsters. They went back home soon after."

Good news is those black bears are not much of a threat to people. The bad news is, from what I can find out, they're not much of a threat to deer either.

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